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Strategic thought of today: The son sets on the British Empire

It was a typical triumph of modern science to find the one part of Randolph which was not malignant and to remove it.

Randolph Churchill

Wrote Randolph Churchill:

I went up to my father’s bedroom. He was standing in front of his basin and was shaving with his old fashioned Valet razor. He had a tough beard, and was as usual hacking away.

“Sit down, dear boy, and read the papers while I finish shaving .’”

I did as told. After two or three minutes of hacking away, he half-turned and said: “I think I see my way through.”

He resumed shaving.

I was astounded, and said: “Do you mean we can avoid defeat (which seemed credible), or beat the bastards (which seemed incredible)?”

He flung his razor into the basin, swung around, and said: “Of course I mean we can beat them.’”

Me: “Well I’m all for that, but I don’t see how you can do it.”

By this time he had dried and sponged his face and turning around to me, said with great intensity: “I shall drag the United States in.”

And that’s how Winston Churchill destroyed the British Empire.